The Alder Project   /   Vuorimiehentie 2A   /    2.9.–25.9.2020
Helsinki Design Week 2020  /  Designs for a Cooler Planet
The Forests and our relationship with them defines our future living conditions and effects other
species we’re sharing the planet with. 80% of all the terrestrial species are living in forests. The
way we cultivate and use wood is unsustainable and monocultural. The typical clearcutting
method reduces biodiversity of forests and turns the forest carbon storage into a carbon source
for decades. Our traditionally respectful and close connection to forests does not concretise in
The Alder Project is a deep dive to understand and research the tree as a being and material to
be used in design practices. It's about understanding the forests first hand. During the process
forest trips are made and documented, an alder tree is cut down, researched and used for
furniture while leftovers are processed as a new fiber based biomaterial. Wood is studied and
used as a living Finnish tradition with new techniques. 
600 000 Finnish people own forest. The climate, the forest stabilizes, concerns the rest of us. The
humane understanding of forests, and more considered use of them is fatal for the generations to
come to equally have the choice. The understanding, aroused questions and
conversations between people are the key for building a balance between forests and human